8 Fresh Packaging Trends that took over Fruit Logistica 2018

8 Fresh Packaging Trends that took over Fruit Logistica 2018
The fresh produce fair held annually in Berlin is one of the biggest worldwide, making it a great opportunity to learn about upcoming fresh food trends. Here are 8 ideas to look out for in packaging.

1. Minimalism and visibility      

Clean packages prevail, showing consumers’ desire for simplicity in an often-chaotic retail space. This translates to clear messages and even literally clear packaging, giving the buyer a direct view of what they are purchasing.

2. Ready to consume and carry      

Convenience continues to be key, with customers looking for ease of storage, consumption, and transport. Features such as resealable packages and packs with handles are increasingly popular.

3. Environmentally conscious       

From recycled content to 100% plant-based material, both companies and consumers are looking to reduce their environmental impact when it comes to packaging. Many innovative options are appearing, such as topsealed punnets, and containers like the B&G Products Earthpouch and CKF’s Earthcycle tray.

4. Waste Reducing      

Consumers are learning about food waste, with one result having them shopping more frequently and buying smaller packages. There are also many technical details going into packaging, such as laser perforated film bags and gases to extend shelf life, and antimicrobial and moisture control elements.

5. Combination/Cooking packs       

Consumers love new convenient packaging options which bundle together different products. Examples of these are fresh smoothie kits, grilling trays, snack packs, and pre-portioned recipe packs.

6. Enhanced experiences      

Packaging can offer all kinds of information to the consumer, such as temperature or freshness indicators, as well as link shoppers to online sources of nutritional information, origin stories, and recipes.

7. Increased convenience      

While easy snack packs are nothing new, brand expansions that make all parts of the day easier are on the rise. These include lots of options for kids, as well as food portioned for weight loss and a big increase in grab-and-go breakfasts. Companies with great flexibility to innovate packaging will have a lot of success.

8. Fresh health

 Packages need to show off the health benefits of their contents. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle and having a clear message will be very important to many consumers.