Induser leads the major projects of blueberry packaging in Huelva

Induser leads the major projects of blueberry packaging  in Huelva
Once again, the big producers of berries from Huelva have relied on Induser, for the automation of their packaging processes.

This campaign, the company Onubafruit, after installing last season the largest facility in Europe with 120 tons per day in its center of  Lucena CoopHuelva, repeats again in its center of  Cartaya with an facility for processing 60 tons per day.

On the other hand, the Surexport company, which is the company with the highest turnover in the industry, is going for Induser in the first phase of its project with a packaging facility of 60 tons per day. Other groups keep counting on Induser as technological provider such as Selberry of PLUS BERRIES group which is expanding its facilities for the fourth consecutive time with us, and where this year we have installed a faster packaging machine with a higher level of automation version than the previous one.

Other big projects where we are working on in Huelva and that make us keep expanding facilities are Alfrut, BC Nature, Cofrelux, Lucena Fruit, El Pilonar, Frescarily, Gorofres, Fresgarrido, La Condesa, Tilla, etc.

Other projects are also being developed in the North of Spain, at Intercom, which is the company that leads the commercialization of the national market, Principado de Berries, the most important company of this industry in Asturias, Campoberry y Albillo Natural in Cantabria. In Portugal, Greenfactor y Ruralaf in the North and Intante Exótico in the South.

One of the great advances of the technology of Induser and which makes a difference in its industry is the associative weighing that guarantees the exact weight, the multiformat system of immediate container changes and the delicate treatment system “Shock Absorber”.