Induser Presents its Tomato Novelties in the I Global Tomato Congress Edition

Induser Presents its Tomato Novelties in the I Global Tomato Congress Edition
This format already exists for blueberries and berries in general, now it is transferring to tomato in a very interesting location, Rotterdam, logistic centre for it geographical location in central Europe. This event will take place the 26th of November of 2019 where the tomato will be the main character and the main aim is to include the most representative and important of tomato.

Novelties of Induser in this Congress

Induser has a new range of horizontal weighers with associative weighing that achieves a greater production than the previous model, it can fill 80 baskets per minute. This new range of 14 heads is already implemented in companies such as Unica, with the versatility of working both cherry, kumato, pear, rome and caniles.

It offers the possibility of packaging varieties of both cherry and different tomato varieties in the same machine, for which it has double output.

Demanded Sustainable Solutions for the Market

In addition, the innovative range of Induser packaging machines is designed to work on sustainable, cardboard and recyclable plastic packaging; and you can make filling of trays by units, such as the Kumato tomato tray with 4/6 pieces placed all aligned.

The Global Tomato Congress framework is also ideal for presenting the zipper closure bag filler, which of course, is prepared to work with paper bags and recyclable plastic, thus responding to the global market trend in which sustainability and respect for the environment are basic pillars increasingly demanded by the consumer.

These solutions reflect the company's concern for caring for the environment, its commitment to the planet through the 3R reduce, reuse and recycle.