INDUSER launches the sustainable blueberry packing machine. BLUE 3R PACK .

INDUSER launches the sustainable blueberry packing machine. BLUE 3R PACK .

     One of the virtues that characterize Induser technology is its easy adaptability to work with different packs, something that is fundamental in a world in which sustainability is part of the daily discourse of the consumer and whose statistical choice in the linear is millimetrically analyzed by the great distribution.

    In this line, in this season INDUSER puts the focus on the cardboard packaging that goes on the market with its new sustainable packaging machine named BLUE 3R PACK that allows to work in addition to any plastic pack any model of 100% recyclable paper or cardboard container. Some of these packages have 10-15% R-PET plastic so that the necessary visibility is provided in this packaging modality.

     For this, INDUSER has participated in several R + D + I projects with packaging manufacturers adapting the pack to the machine and the machine to the pack, something fundamental in automation. Within the packages that are already a reality and can be worked in the new BLUE 3R PACK packaging machine are:

1.     Carton shaker “ice cream” of 125-250 gr

2.     Carton round shaker of 125-250 gr

3.     Bucket of 500 gr

4.     Carton-shell with (several sizes)

5.     Punnet with lid (several sizes) 

6.     Carton topseal (several sizes) 

       Regarding production, the speed of 120-130 packs/min is reached for topseal, punnets and cartonshells, 90-100 packs/min for buckets, and 75-80 packs/min for shakers and ice-cream. The packaging machine concept remains being to provide complete automation of the installation. Among the automatic systems that have been incorporated into the packaging machine for working with this packs are.  

1.     Feeding buffer of stacks of carton packs. It provides an automatic feeding 100 % to the denester punnets.

2.     Automatic denester of punnets, buckets, carton shakers.

3.     Automatic capper machine for buckets, shakers, or carton punnets

4.     Automatic capper of carton-shells

5.     Automatic top-seal machine

       All this is integrated in its concept already know to its high weight precision due to the associative weighing that they incorporate into their packing machine, now with new panel software  much more intuitive technology to facilitate the handling of the end user.

      Other news that already is implementing into the complete solutions of INDUSER is the complete communication between peripheral, weight control, labelling and metal detector, also manufactured by INDUSER, so that provide to the complete line, versatility and fast that is required by multiformat. The connexion with a smartphone or table remote control now is improved in its new version. Compatible with IPHONE, IPAD or SAMSUNG

    Another of the novelties that is already being implemented in the complete INDUSER solutions is the complete communication between peripherals, weight control, labelling and metal detector also manufactured by INDUSER which provides the versatility and speed required by the complete line multiformat.  The connection with a smartphone or tablet remotely is now also improved in its new version. Compatible with IPHONE, iPad or SAMSUNG.

     Next 30 March-1 April you can see the las novelties in the GLOBAL BERRY CONGRESS of Rotterdam, appointment to the professionals of European berries sector.

    On March 30, April 1, you can see the latest news of INDUSER at the GLOBAL BERRY CONGRESS in Rotterdam, an essential event for professionals in the European Berries sector.