Induser shares innovations at the III Sweet Palermo Congress

Induser shares innovations at the III Sweet Palermo Congress
This year's congress offered product insights and innovations, including brand strategy and new varieties. Between sessions from Rijk Zwaan representatives, Induser was invited to share their latest design: a packing line designed for the Sweet Palermo pepper.
While useful for many products, Induser initially developed the linear weigher in response to the demand from local Sweet Palermo producers for an improved weighing system, citing production cost, high weight margins, and slow production rates as major issues.

As explained by Pedro Mártinez, Induser’s commercial director, their new weigher has managed to cut packing production costs in half for their clients, and offers extremely competitive speed and accuracy. In one case study, the client reduced their weighing margin of error by 90%, effectively saving up to 140,000kg this season.
Induser team at the III Sweet Palermo Congress

Sweet Palermo peppers from Rijk Zwaan are projected to have increased market presence in the near future. Other innovations presented at the congress include the new chocolate-brown colored pepper, which is likely to be seen in mixed packs with the already popular red and yellow varieties. New packaging formats were also introduced, as well as an updated website with videos and recipes.

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