We manufacture the largest machine in Spain to pack organic cherry tomatoes

We manufacture the largest machine in Spain to pack organic cherry tomatoes
We have installed in Biosabor the largest automatic packaging machine in Spain in the organic cherry tomato.
It is a project developed in two phases for a production of 13,200 pots per hour and four tons per hour of productive capacity, in pots with dispensing and automatic filling, both plastic and recycled carton.
The facility has a production capacity of 13,200 containers per hour. Induser has also set up machinery at the Onubafruit onubense cooperative. According to Induser, the installation is composed of four associative weighers developed by the company based in El Ejido, which ensure an accuracy of one gram above or below. The novelty that incorporates the packers is the multiformat system patented by Induser and that allows the automatic format change for the different models of pots and with the possibility of incorporating new types of containers in the future.
With a production of more than 20 million kilos, the Nijar Biosabor is a reference in the province of Almeria in the complete cycle of production and packaging of vegetables in organic, with a very wide range of fresh products as gazpachos, There is an important commitment to this modern machinery.
In addition to Biosabor, the Onubafruit cooperative has opted for Induser in two of its handling centers for the new packaging lines of high performance cranberries.
On the one hand, in Cartayfres, a line with capacity for 180 tarrines per minute with associative weighing machine with an accuracy of one gram above or below margin of error, and quality equipment of soft and external defects.
The packaging system is multiformato patented by Induser with automatic format changes and prepared to automatically bottle packaging.
On the other hand, the center of Freslucena, which has weighing associative 120 tarrines per minute with bottling machine for pots and vases.
Induser is defined as a company specialized in the dispensing, closing and capping of pots, and in the weighing and metering of products. Induser machines are dispensers, weighers, sealing, capping and weight controls, which are designed to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability at work.
Induser reiterates that its goal is to try to make its customers achieve competitive improvements and optimize their production processes. Committed to innovation and health through its products.