A packaging line for multi-format cardboard boxes

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The adaptability to multi-format and unique designs, as two brand promises INDUSER embraces.

April 12th, 2023.

We are glad to introduce a new adaptation of a packaging line for tomatoes, but this time for two dimensions of cardboard boxes. The packaging line – which design considers, from the feeding of the product to the associative weighing and the filling of the product in the boxes- incorporates a conveyor belt with a box unstacker to servo control and automate the packaging process.

The innovation of this line is that it can be adapted to both 196mm x 240mm x 70mm boxes and 300mm x 400mm x 100mm boxes, reaching a production capacity of 300 boxes per minute when it comes to 500gr-1kg formats, or well, 8 boxes per minute in the case of boxes weighing 4kg.

Packaging line for cardboard boxes | Designed for boxes of 300mm x 400mm x 100mm.

Regarding the design process of this new line, Pedro Martínez (CBO/ Co-founder) states: We are professionals in the packaging process. Clients often ask us for the final result. They tell us what production they want to achieve, the packaging formats they work with, and the product or products they need to pack. Based on this, we think about the complete path of the tomatoes through the packaging line, the delicate treatment of the product, how we respond to the needs that each client has. The value proposition is in the attention to detail, in ensuring that the machines meet the demanding times associated with perishable products.

Packaging line for multiformat cardboard boxes | Designed for boxes of 196mm x 240mm x 70mm.

Like all the engineering projects that are led within INDUSER, this project has been custom designed, that is one of the value propositions of this company of Almeria origin whose export share in 2022 was 60%.

What machines make up this packaging line for tomatoes?
Emptying table.
Selection table with motorized rollers.
Product elevator.
Associative linear weigher with 14 heads.
Cardboard box unstacker.
Product packaging.
Round table.

Clic here to view de line perform.

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