Almería, Spain, October 16th 2020- Within the framework of the first Fruit Attraction LiveConnect Virtual Fair, INDUSER® introduces a new packaging solution designed to offer materials such as a casing machine to "pack" fruit and vegetable such as citrus.

Being aware of the changes in the environment and anticipating the upcoming international legislation regarding packaging materials, INDUSER is optimistic with this new machine that uses a canvas conveyor belt to direct the containers to a pressure labeling system on the tray. Like other INDUSER solutions, the casing machine allows different dimensions in the tray, as long as the model has a high flap and small lateral clefts that allow deformation and closure when the pressure of the label is exerted.

Regarding this innovation, Pedro Martínez (CBO & Co- Founder) tells us: "The dynamism of this sector and the need of a sustainable world, boost us on a daily basis to find new solutions for packaging that are low cost and gentle with the environment, with which it occurred to us to use the minimum material and this led us to use the same flap of the container to act as a case and close it with a simple label. The final result is an economic, plastic free packaging that integrates perfectly in a complete packaging line".

The casing machine is available with and without a printer. It has a capacity of 60 packages per minute and works by detecting the product and labeling by photocell. In the installation version with printer, it is possible to adapt in length and width according to the needs of each client.

Until now, most of the prototypes have been exported to France, a country where producers demand eco-friendly alternatives that protect the taste and freshness of their products, and that respond to the packaging preferences of the consumers at the point of sale.

The technical sheet of the casing machine, as well as the rest of the solutions designed by INDUSER, will be available under the business profile within the Fruit Attraction LiveConnect platform.

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