The "Greendomo" project integrates a modern vertical growing system designed by Induser.

Almería, Spain, October 30th 2020-  The GREENDOMO project in which several companies in the fruit and vegetable sector participate such as Novagric, Tecnova, Andalte and Alarcontrol, focuses on INDUSER the responsibility of designing the structures that support the crop, automating conveyor belts that serve to support recollection, and designing and inventory management system with a interface for consumer use.

The Project that began in 2008 and has been developed for 29 months, begins to operate in the vicinity of Tecnova. In the landscape of its facilities, a Winter dome draws the attention of the curious to enter this space that impresses with its modernity, and which has been created by man to be able to operate throughout the year, allowing greater cycles of cultivation and a high performance through multilevel techniques that maximize productive capacities.

For INDUSER, to have participated in a project of this level represents the commitment to constant innovation and its ability to diversify to offer engineering solutions that respond to the needs of the fruit and vegetable sector.

All details have been covered to create an environment with a futuristic air where a radial structure allows the movement of each cylindrical tower, guaranteeing that each crop receives the ideal nutrients and conditions to offer a product that stands out by its flavor from other products available at the traditional point of sale.

Having successfully participated in this project financed with public aid from the State Program for Research, Development and Innovation, fuels the desire of this company from Almeria, to continue consolidating itself as a leading engineering company in the demanding fruit and vegetable sector.

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