Induser renews its website!

Clear communication, simple usability and brand values as a trust factor, are the main objectives of this new website experience.

Almeria, Spain, July 26th, 2021- On the eve of several important marketing actions, INDUSER (the engineering company based in Almería) has completely renews its website. This update focuses its objectives on offering clear communication, generating a positive user experience and strengthening the values of the brand. 

"We are ingenuity" claims the home page and in this way the brand is pronounced both as a specialist in the engineering sector, and at the same time proud of the most humane faculties to design quality packaging solutions, supported by techonology. 

Compared to the previous website, this new page conveys what the INDUSER team does but also how it achieves it. In this regard, Tere Góngora Basterra, who leads the communication and marketing of the company, tells us: 

"We are a young company taht from its origin has distinguished itself by daring to take risks. We do it again, we consolidate the brand restyling that we started months ago with this project so necessary for any company in these times. Within the fruit and vegetable sector, we want to value care in communication, we want our brand to really convey confidence to our current and future customers. The brand serves as a reference for us to achieve excellence. We are on the way and this website shows taht it is so. We are focusing attention and efforts on going through that cultural transformation that digitization, accelerated by covid19, is demanding from all of us. So here we are! Renewing ourselves, adapting ourselves, innovating, creating a new digital environment that also serves as a point of reference for accessing the different social networks in which we are connected". 

Regarding usability, the site consists of five sections that categorize the content in such a way that, from left to right, the user's journey goes from being to doing, and from doing to having: "We are ingenuity, we share our news and our catalogs, we have a network of dealers and we feel excited about what your needs may be and eager to listen to them". 

Aware of the change in the behavior of cybernauts of the 21st century and their natural interest in finding out before making a purchase decision, in the "MEDIA" section, the company makes its technical sheets and catalogs available to the user, both in Spanish and English. 

Induser and its innovations will be participating at the VI Red Fruit Congress in Huelva and the Fruit Attraction Fair in Madrid. In both events, this new site will continue to be promoted as a meeting point that is will always be updated, ready to inform and turn leads into lasting relationships. 

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